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Privacy Policy

The Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild respects the privacy of our members. All information about

our members is given voluntarily by our members, and each member has ownership of, and control

over their information. Members can customize their information that is available to other members

through their account page. We never sell names of, or information about our members, and all

member information on our website is available only to our membership and not to the public. We

do require contact information as part of member registration so that we can maintain contact with

our members. Payment information can be stored in a member’s account, however, this is


A monthly newsletter is published using Wordpress that does include photographs of, and

information about our members regarding activities and events, but no personal information is

published. Participation in Guild sponsored events, including member meetings and workshops,

means that you grant the Guild the right to publish your name and photograph in our monthly

newsletter and on our social media accounts. The newsletter is intended for use only by our

members, and access to the newsletter is sent directly to our membership. Currently, our

Wordpress newsletter is “discoverable” by the public, but we are looking into using password

protection to keep access available only to guild members. The Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild

does maintain social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. Only official Guild

Administrators can post items on our Facebook page.

Cookie Policy

The Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild does not currently collect, store, or use cookies that identify

visitors to our site. All of the functionality of our website is hosted through Personify Wild Apricot.

They do collect and use essential cookies to make their site work, to improve user experience, and

to analyze website traffic. You can learn more about Personify Wild Apricot’s Privacy Policy and

how they use cookies by visiting https://www.wildapricot.com/legal-center/privacy-policy#cookies-and-other-tracking-mechanisms.

Refund Policy

The Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild does not offer refunds for fees for membership or for guild

sponsored events, such as workshops. Membership fees are considered a donation to the guild.

Workshop fees are non-refundable, however, it is often possible to “sell” a registration spot in a

workshop to another member, and the Vice President(s) in charge of workshops will provide

assistance to help members find a replacement participant. Reimbursement is handled directly

between the workshop participants.

Terms of Service

Use of our website means that you have read our Privacy Policy and constitutes agreement with that policy. The Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild website is used to provide timely information about the Guild, allow registration and renewal as a member of the Guild, and registration for free and paid events sponsored by the Guild. Some portions of our website are for members only, and can only be accessed after registering and paying for membership. Our website is hosted by, and includes a payment system provided by Personify Wild Apricot. You can learn about Personify Wild Apricot’s Privacy Policy by visiting https://www.wildapricot.com/legal-center/privacy-policy#cookies-and-other-tracking-mechanisms.

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