Etsy Craft Party

  • 06 Jul 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • St. Pete Coliseum

Come see our TBSDG Make and Take Table

2 weeks to go!

That's right! The 8th annual TBEC Etsy Craft Party is a mere 14 (well, 13.5) days away. Where has the month of June gone? 

Here's a quick list of important, shareable links for easy access:
Facebook Event
Eventbrite Listing
Etsy Event
Ready For Life (raffle beneficiary)
FB Swag Stuffing Event (tomorrow 6/23 @ 4 PM)

We have promo flyers on hand! If you would like some to pass out at your pre-Craft Party show(s), we'll have them at tomorrow's Swag Stuffing event. Ask your show-friends to pick up a stack for you. If you're not in that area but would like to help us promote by handing out flyers or posting them on community boards, send us a note and we can either mail them or meet up to get them to you.

SHOW SPONSORS: The remainder of this email is just an FYI for you.

Make & Take projects and Live Skill Demos will take place within your own vendor space. Most of you will have 10'x10' corner spaces or alcoves, which means plenty of space to showcase your wares AND for the line of attendees that will queue up in the oversized aisles waiting to participate in your activity. A full vendor map will be sent in an email to all vendors on or around July 1st.(No, we do not know exactly what day yet, but we're working hard.) Please plan to be flexible with your layout. If you need an extra table or chairs for the crafters, let us know. NOTE: Standing crafters move along faster and take up less space, but comfortable crafting is great too.

This cannot be stressed enough: PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MINIONS!
Unless you are fully prepared to stop selling while crafting is taking place, you will need a helper (or two or three) to keep up with the crowds. It is impossible for one person to both sell and lead projects successfully at the same time during this show. You could even have minions rotate during the day if that works best for you.

If you signed up for... 

Make n Takes (M&T):
You agreed to provide a minimum of 75 FREE M&T projects to the general public. Here are some tips -
  • Yes, you can absolutely limit those to 1 per age-appropriate person.
  • Please do not limit them to 1 per family.
  • No, you cannot charge them for any M&T components.
  • Do feel free to divide your M&T projects into hourly limits if that works best for you. Having a chunk of them ready for the VIP hour is fantastic, but do try to have them available for the general admission crowd as well.
  • The beginning of the Craft Party is always busiest, but there is a steady, crafting crowd throughout the entire event. 

You agreed to provide Live Skill DEMOnstrations throughout the Craft Party.
  • Two or three rounds of the same/similar Demo works great. However, a variety of technique demonstrations and/or continuous Demos are welcome if that works best for you. Let us know if you have subject/title variations.
  • There is no set time limit on Demos.
  • Party attendees really like published schedules; schedules help attendees plan their Craft Party attack strategy, er, participation. Please help us help you by sending a quick email with the number of times you plan on Demo-ing during the 11:30 AM - 4 PM day, or note if the Demo will be ongoing. We'll then add you to the rotating, published lineup.
  • If you need a specific time slot, please tell us that, too. The faster we get your emails, the earlier we can publish info!

Please, please, please email us your demo/project pics if at all possible. Party-goers LOVE these pics AND it means a potential double shout out for you. We'll be sharing them continually beginning July 1st. If you do not send your pics before the 1st, we can not promise they'll make it into the scheduled frenzy.

Again, detailed setup instructions, layout, parking info, and any other updates will be emailed on or around July 1st. Until then, be sure to keep us in the loop if you have any changing info. 

See you soon!

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